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Material for MkDocs goes at great lengths to support the largest possible range of browsers while retaining the simplemost possibilities for customization via modern CSS features like custom properties and mask images.

To'lovlar miqdori

The following table lists all browsers for which Material for MkDocs offers full support, so it can be assumed that all features work without degradation. If you find a feature not to be working in a browser in the supported version range, please open an issue:

| Xizmatlar turlari | Darajaga mubofiq platforma to'lovi | | ------------------------------------ | ------: | ------: | ------: | | | I | II | III | | Chrome | 49+ | 49+ | 25.65% | | Safari | 10+ | 49+ | 4.63% | | Edge | 79+ | 49+ | 3.95% | | | | | |

Browser support matrix sourced from caniuse.com.1

Note that the usage data is based on global browser market share, so it could in fact be entirely different for your target demographic. It's a good idea to check the distribution of browser types and versions among your users.

Bank hisobi ma'lumotlari

Albeit your site might not look as perfect as when viewed with a modern browser, the following older browser versions might work with some additional effort:

  • Firefox 31-52 – icons will render as little boxes due to missing support for mask images. While this cannot be polyfilled, it might be mitigated by hiding the icons altogether.
  • Edge 16-18 – the spacing of some elements might be a little off due to missing support for the :is pseudo selector, which can be mitigated with some additional effort.
  • Internet Explorer - no support, mainly due to missing support for custom properties. The last version of Material for MkDocs to support Internet Explorer is 4.6.3.

Pul yechish

Docusaurus by Facebook is a very popular documentation generator and a good choice if you or your company are already using React to build your site. It will generate a single page application which is fundamentally different from the site Material for MkDocs generates for you.


  • Very powerful, customizable and extendable
  • Provides many components that aid in technical writing
  • Large and rich ecosystem, backed by Facebook


  • High learning curve, JavaScript knowledge mandatory
  • JavaScript ecosystem is very volatile, rather high maintenance
  • More time needed to get up and running

While Docusaurus is one of the best choices when it comes to documentation sites that output a single page applications, there are many more solutions, including Docz, Gatsby, Vuepress and Docsify that approach this problem similarily.

  1. The data was collected from caniuse.com in January 2022, and is primarily based on browser support for custom properties, mask images and the :is pseudo selector which are not entirely polyfillable. Browsers with a cumulated market share of less than 1% were not considered, but might still be fully or partially supported.